Thinking of giving up your Siberian?

Occasionally there are viable reasons for giving up a dog, but in many cases the owner is simply frustrated over problems or situations that can be solved with a little time and effort and training. There are circumstances when a dog MUST leave its life-long home: for example, when an owner becomes physically unable to care for a dog or is terminally ill, or when a dog has shown unprovoked aggression. These are "GOOD" reasons to place a dog. (Please Note: PSHR will not take in any dog with aggressive tendencies towards humans.)

But if your reasons are any of the following: the dog won't listen; can't housetrain the dog; the dog chews; moving and can't have a dog anymore; no one takes care of the dog; the dog is alone too much; the dog growled/snapped at us; allergies; then please read these Behavioral & Other Solutions before giving up on your pet.

There are many other helpful solutions and ideas provided by the Animal Shelter in Sterling MA - please read these by clicking on the link below before making the decision to place your Siberian Husky.

Giving Up Your Pet >>

If you obtained your Siberian Husky from a breeder, you should first contact the breeder before taking any further action to rehome your dog. Most reputable breeders will help you place your husky, and many will take the dog back themselves.

If, after reading the above, you are still determined to place your Siberian Husky, please click here to apply to get your dog into our rescue program.

If you do give up your dog, please think VERY seriously and carefully before ever getting another one. When you took in your dog, you took responsibility for a living thing, much like having a child. Unfortunately it's a responsibility seriously underestimated by many people - and shelter and rescue statistics bear that out.

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