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Sex: /IntactAge: 2Coat Color: Gray & WhiteEyes: Blue

Hello, I'm Freya and I'm 2 years old. I just had a litter of puppies about 8 weeks ago, and they all went to homes. A confusing family situation left my sister Nasira and I homeless. My new owner doesn't want to dump us in a shelter, but she can't give me the training or exercise I need. That being said I have tons of energy that I need to get out. I have been a chewer as well, but I'm not sure why I chew what I'm not supposed to. I am very friendly with other dogs and have played at dog parks. I do like to play in the traditional husky style...rough & tumble. I grew up with kids, so I like them and know how to behave around them. I do NOT like cats. I enjoy rides in the car. Because I haven't had any training, I'm not so good on the leash. I like to bury food and save it for later.... it's quite fun to go on a scavenger hunt for snacks. I like to go to the beach and I like to play in the water. I like to get groomed but don't like my nails trimmed. I haven't been groomed in a while so you can't quite see my beautiful coat. I know that I have the potential to be a great companion if someone will help me out with some serious training.

Freya is currently located in Westport MA.

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