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Sex: Male/NeuteredAge: 2Coat Color: Black & WhiteEyes: Brown

When I wake up I like to go outside and take care of business, I will get my meds and go out for a bit. Then I like to play, then I relax until my Dad's roommate gets home and plays more with me. I get dinner before bed, cause I prefer to eat at night, and won't eat any other time! My neighbors have chickens and I really want to go play with them, I love to watch them from my back yard. I am boisterous and energetic- I AM a Husky!!!! I would love to have some kids to play with and a brother or a sister with 4-legs to play with also! I do go into the basement when Dad leaves, I do have a crate down there but I do not go into it- I am sure with some positive reinforcement I will acclimate to it again. I am house trained, and will silently talk when I need to go out. I am gentle with humans when I play, but I can get rough if we are rough housing. Stash does have seizures- reason unknown- he is on medications that need to be kept up- and they have reduced the seizures from grand mal to petit mal. He will be a special needs because of this for the rest of his life.

Stash is currently located in Hollis NH.

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